Friends by Mail

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“Friends by Mail,” Friend, Oct. 2006, inside front cover

Friends by Mail

A Primary Talk about Grandma

One weekend I slept over at Grandma Roberts’s house with my sisters. We spent Saturday doing many fun things. We baked brownies, and went to the zoo, the pioneer museum, garage sales, the bookstore, and the bread store. We were very busy.

When I am with my grandma I always have fun. Grandma Roberts teaches me things. I’ve worked in the kitchen with her making rolls and bottling fruit and strawberry jam. She teaches me about sewing. We made a purse together. She thinks reading is important, and at her house there is a bookcase filled with children’s books. When one of her grandchildren reads one of these books, he or she gets an Olympic pin.

I know that family is important to Grandma because she tells us about her parents and their parents. She has us write down their names. Sometimes we play games or have quizzes to help us remember the names.

She bought us each a doll with old-fashioned clothes and pretty hair in long ringlets. We had to give each doll the name of one of our ancestors. I named mine Carrie Myrtle Thompson Olson, who is my great-great-grandmother. My sister’s doll is Effie May Wagstaff, another great-great-grandmother. We keep these dolls at Grandma’s. When we play with them, she talks about those people and other relatives in the family.

I know that family is important to my grandma because she teaches us about them. I know that families can be together forever, so one day I will be with the people my grandma has taught me about.

I love my grandma and I am thankful for all she teaches me.
Lauren Elizabeth N., age 10, Utah

Stairs and Prayers

My dog fell down the stairs and got hurt. We prayed for her, and although she limped a little afterward, she was OK.
Cuauhti O., age 10, Alberta, Canada

I Want to Be like Nephi

I am reading the Book of Mormon each day to prepare for my baptism. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. So far, my favorite person is Nephi because he did what the Lord commanded. I want to be like Nephi and do all that my Heavenly Father asks me.
Mackenzie M., age 7, Washington

Illustration by Samuel Ricks