Be Kind to Animals
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“Be Kind to Animals,” Friend, Oct. 2006, 47

Be Kind to Animals

There are lots of stray cats and dogs where I live. They don’t have a home, so my mom and I decided to do something about it. Now we work with the animal shelter. We often take care of kittens at our house until they are ready to be adopted. We live in the country, so there’s plenty of room.

We’re fostering a litter of kittens and their mom right now. One of the kittens needs special care because she’s tiny, and the other kittens shove her out of the way. Sometimes she can get a drink of milk from her mother, but other times we have to feed her with formula. We squirt it into her mouth!

Being kind to animals is one way we can try to be like Jesus. And being kind to animals reminds us to be kind to people.

Jenna J., age 6, Idaho