Create Your Own Friend

“Create Your Own Friend,” Friend, Sept. 2006, 24–25

Create Your Own Friend

On an activity day, girls from the Spotsylvania Ward, Fredericksburg Virginia Stake, decided to write and illustrate their own Friend magazine. Examples of their work can be found on these two pages.

The Friend magazine publishes stories, articles, and activities to help you learn about Jesus Christ, and to encourage you to follow His example. Have you ever wished that you could be in charge of making your own Friend magazine? You could pick all your favorite stories, have lots of activities, or have anything else you wanted. Well, here is your chance!

  1. Take three sheets of paper and fold them in half. This will make a magazine with 10 inside pages, plus 2 covers (front and back). If you want more pages in your magazine, use more sheets of paper.

  2. Have an adult put two staples in the center fold. If you need an example, look at your copy of the Friend. That’s how magazines are usually put together.

  3. Draw a picture for the cover. Cut out Friend at the top of page 25 and use it on your own cover.

  4. Fill up the pages of your magazine however you would like. You could put in stories or games, or borrow some things from the real Friend. Look at the list on this page of things that usually go in the magazine.

More Ideas

  • Write your own stories. Draw pictures for them or cut out pictures from old magazines.

  • Write about a spiritual experience that you had for Friends by Mail, or a time you chose the right for a Trying to Be Like Jesus article.

  • Make a Friends in the News page about all your friends. You can draw their pictures and then write something nice about them.

  • Write down your favorite craft or recipe.

  • Make a word search on grid paper. Make a list of some words to find, and then write them on the grid paper in different directions. Fill in the extra squares with random letters.

  • Write a story that you think a young child would enjoy for the section For Little Friends.

Here are the things we put in the Friend every month. Put some of them in your magazine.


Friend to Friend

Friends by Mail

Special Witness

Trying to Be Like Jesus

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Our Creative Friends

Friends in the News



From the Life of the Prophet

Kitchen Krafts



For Little Friends

Games and activities


Illustrations by girls from the Spotsylvania Ward, Fredericksburg Virginia Stake; photographs © PhotoDisc