Picture Journals

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“Picture Journals,” Friend, July 2006, 37

Picture Journals

To make a picture journal, you will need: pieces of plain white paper, a pencil, crayons, markers, a hole punch, and ribbon.

  1. Ask a parent or older brother or sister to help you print your name and the year on a piece of paper for the cover. Then decorate it using crayons and markers.

  2. Each evening have someone older help you print the date at the top of a piece of paper. Draw and color what happened to you that day on the paper. If you wish, have an older person write down a brief description.

  3. At the end of the year, punch holes at the top or sides of the journal cover and pages (see illustration). Make sure the pages start with the earliest date, then follow in dated order. Place the cover on top and tie the journal together with ribbon.

Illustrated by Steve Kropp