Paul’s Mission

“Paul’s Mission,” Friend, July 2006, 24–25, 27

Paul’s Mission

A game for two or more players

But the Lord said unto him, Go thy way: for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel (Acts 9:15).

The Apostle Paul went on many missions for the Church. This required great courage and faith. As you follow Paul’s footsteps in this game, you will find two hidden scriptures and discover two traits that made Paul a great missionary.

Directions: Remove and mount pages 24–25 on a piece of light cardboard. Prepare a word list by numbering a piece of lined paper from 1 to 20. Each player should select a button or dried bean of a different color as a game marker. Each player in turn rolls one die to advance his or her marker around the board. When you land on a number, look up the corresponding verse on the scripture clue list and read the verse aloud from the Bible. Then begin solving the puzzle by counting from the beginning of the verse the number of words indicated in parentheses. Write that word on the word list after the appropriate number. (For example, if you land on the number six, read Acts 1:22 aloud, then find the fifth word in the quotation and write it after number 6 on your word list.) Keep circling the map until the entire word list has been filled. Then read aloud the two hidden scriptures by reading each word list from top to bottom. Discuss what these verses can mean in your life.

Paul’s travels
Paul’s travels

Illustrated by Brad Teare

Scripture Clue List

First scripture (blue dots 1–10)

  1. Matt. 6:21 (1st word)

  2. Acts 9:16 (2nd word)

  3. Rom. 1:15 (9th word)

  4. Acts 5:42 (12th word)

  5. 2 Tim. 1:8 (5th word)

  6. Acts 1:22 (5th word)

  7. Acts 5:32 (13th word)

  8. 1 Cor. 9:18 (12th word)

  9. Acts 2:38 (12th word)

  10. Acts 18:28 (17th word)

Second scripture (red dots 11–20)

  1. Rom. 7:25 (1st word)

  2. 1 Tim. 6:7 (13th word)

  3. Acts 24:16 (3rd word)

  4. Acts 15:18 (5th word)

  5. Rom. 8:31 (8th word)

  6. Gal. 4:7 (20th word)

  7. Rom. 14:9 (5th word)

  8. Rom. 5:5 (21st word)

  9. Isa. 44:14 (15th word)

  10. Gal. 1:11 (13th word)

First scripture answer

Second scripture answer

Illustrated by Brad Teare