Money for a Mission
December 2003

“Money for a Mission,” Friend, Dec. 2003, 20–21

Money for a Mission

Adapted from New Era, January 1972, 27–28.

John Taylor
Events in the life of John Taylor

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

When John Taylor was called to serve a mission in England with Wilford Woodruff, he was very poor. He arrived in New York with only one cent left.

Parley Pratt, who wanted to publish information about the Church, asked John if he had any money.

John: I have plenty of money.

Parley: I need funds for publishing. Could you give me two or three hundred dollars?

John: Well, Brother Parley, you are welcome to anything I have, if it will be of service to you.

Parley: I thought you said you had plenty of money!

John: I have clothes to wear, and you give me food and a place to stay. With a penny over, I owe nothing. Is that not plenty?

Some of the brethren preparing to go to England had a meeting and decided that they should help John pay for his passage to England.

John: No! If you have any extra money, give it to Parley to help support his family and publish his pamphlets.

Brother: But how will you get to England without money?

John wasn’t worried. As he started on his journey, he never asked for money. But people followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and donated enough to pay not only for his passage to England, but also for another elder. John had known that the Lord would take care of him.