Megan’s Best Friend
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“Megan’s Best Friend,” Friend, May 2003, 16

Megan’s Best Friend

Sabrina is a wonderful friend and big sister to Megan. They met one of Sabrina’s preschool friends at a park. Megan followed them closely while they explored the playground.

Sabrina’s friend said, “Hurry and climb fast after me so the baby can’t follow us.”

Very cheerfully, Sabrina told her friend, “Megan is two years old. She is a toddler, not a baby, and I want her to play with us.”

After that, Sabrina’s friend was nicer to Megan, and the three of them played until it was time to go home. No wonder Sabrina is Megan’s best friend!

Sabrina Wasden, age 4, is a member of the Coyote Hills Ward, Hayward California Stake.