Spelling Test

    “Spelling Test,” Friend, Feb. 2003, 29

    Spelling Test

    Second grade is a lot more work than first grade! I have homework almost every day. That homework includes studying spelling words. We have two chances a week to get 100%. If we get 100% the first time, we get spare time during the next test. I really wanted spare time!

    One week my teacher gave me 100%, but when I showed it to Mom and Dad, we found that one word was spelled wrong. I knew how to spell it, so I thought about just leaving things the way they were and enjoying spare time the next day. Then I thought, “What would Jesus do?” And I knew that I had to tell my teacher.

    I did and took the test over. I not only got 100%, but my teacher was happy about my honesty and wrote this on my test paper: “Thanks for telling the truth and finding my mistake!” The good feeling in my heart meant much more than having spare time. I hope we can all tell the truth, even if it is hard.

    Tristin Bowers, age 7, is a member of the Hailey First Ward, Carey Idaho Stake.