The First Sacrament

“The First Sacrament,” Friend, Feb. 2003, 10

The First Sacrament

Chapter 49

Feast of the Passover

Every year the Jews had a feast called the Feast of the Passover. It helped them remember how God had saved the Israelites in Egypt long before, in the time of Moses. Ex. 12:27; Luke 22:7

Peter and John get a room for Passover

Jesus and the Twelve Apostles needed a place to eat the Passover feast. The Savior sent Peter and John to get a room ready for it. Luke 22:8

They got the feast ready

They found the room and got the feast ready. Luke 22:9–13

Jesus and Apostles eat the Passover

Jesus and all the Apostles went there and ate the Passover feast. Luke 22:14

Jesus gives sacrament

After the meal, Jesus gave His Apostles the sacrament for the first time. He took bread in His hands, blessed it, then broke it into pieces. He told the Apostles to eat the bread. Luke 22:19; Matt. 26:26

Think of His body when we eat the bread

Jesus told them to think of His body when they ate the bread, to remember that He would die for them. Luke 22:19; Matt. 26:26

Jesus blessed the wine

Jesus poured some wine into a cup. He blessed the wine. He told the Apostles to drink it. Matt. 26:27

Think of His blood when we drink the sacrament

He told them to think of His blood when they drank the wine, to remember that He would bleed and suffer for people’s sins. Luke 22:20; Matt. 26:28

Apostles sad to think Jesus would die

Jesus also told the Apostles that wicked men would kill Him. Eleven of the Apostles were very sad. They loved the Savior and did not want Him to die. Jesus knew that one of the Apostles, Judas Iscariot, would help the wicked men. Matt. 26:2, 14–16, 21–25

Illustrated by Paul Mann