Illustrated Valentines

“Illustrated Valentines,” Friend, Feb. 2003, 37

Illustrated Valentines

Glue this page to heavy paper and cut out the hearts. Draw a picture of each person you’ll give the valentine to on the back of his or her heart. Then give it away with a hug and a kiss.


Illustrated by Julie F. Young

Dear Mommy,

Your touch is soft,

Your smile is bright.

Your love has filled my world with light.

I love you back with all my might.

Dear Daddy,

You are so strong

And good and wise.

No valentine of any size

Could hold my love—but

this one tries.

Dear Bishop,

You are so caring,

And so kind

That even if this doesn’t rhyme,

I know you’ll be my valentine.

Dear Primary Teacher,

You taught me

Shining truths divine.

When I grow old, they’ll still be mine,

And I’ll still be your valentine.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young