Places in Which We Worship

“Places in Which We Worship,” Friend, Jan. 2003, 18

Places in Which We Worship

We can worship Heavenly Father in our hearts wherever we may be, indoors or outdoors, alone or in a crowd. But at least three special and sacred places have been set apart for worship. They are chapels, temples, and homes. Which one do you spend the most time in?

Cut out the chapel, temple, and home below and glue each to heavy paper; trim. At a family home evening, lead a discussion on how we worship in each place. Each time you hand one of the three buildings to someone, he or she names one way in which we worship there. Here’s a question for the whole family: Can we worship through joyful singing, giving thanks for something good, or praising someone who has done something kind?

Where we worhsip

Illustrated by Brad Teare