Joseph Smith Finger Scenes

    “Joseph Smith Finger Scenes,” Friend, July 2001, 32

    Joseph Smith Finger Scenes

    The true Church of Jesus Christ was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. In family home evening, you can teach some of the important events of the Restoration using your own ten fingers.

    Glue page 33 onto heavy paper and let it dry. Then cut out the scenes and glue the ends of each tab together to make finger rings (see illustration). Let the glue dry. Be sure to make the thumb rings large enough.

    Just before your presentation, slide the scenes onto your fingers (see illustration) in the order of the story, starting with your left thumb and ending with your right thumb. During your presentation, hold your hands in front of you with your fingers (and restoration scenes) bent toward you. Raise each finger, beginning with your left thumb, as you tell that part of the Restoration story. You can tell the story in your own words, or one of your parents can be ready to read parts of the scriptures listed for each scene.

    If you like, use a brother or sister’s hand to help you tell the story. Either way, you’ll be giving your family a hand in understanding the vital mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

    Paintings from Church history
    Finger puppets

    Paintings courtesy of Visual Resource Library. Detail from The First Vision © 1980 Gary E. Smith

    Scenes (In order starting with the left thumb and ending with the right thumb.)

    Left thumb: Joseph Smith—History 1:11–12

    Left index finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:13–15

    Left middle finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:16–20

    Left ring finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:29–35, 42

    Left little finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:51–54, 59–60

    Right little finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:66–67

    Right ring finger: Joseph Smith—History 1:68–72

    Right middle finger: D&C 27:12–13; Explanatory Introduction

    Right index finger: D&C 20:1

    Right thumb: D&C 138:47–48

    Illustrated by Elise Black