“Childviews,” Friend, Feb. 2001, inside back cover


    Trying to Be Like Jesus Christ

    Our Primary president asked us to think of ways we could be like Jesus Christ. In a family home evening, we read a lot of scriptures to give us ideas. Then we (Addie and Jared) made a list of the ways we could be like Him. Mom wrote our ideas down and decorated our list. We learned that we need to be nice to each other and to all the family and to everyone.

    Jared and Addie Wahlquist, ages 11 and 5
    LaPorte, Indiana

    Sharing My New Ball

    I had a couple dollar bills and was at the store with my family, so I bought a bouncy rubber ball. My little three-year-old sister really wanted to play with it. When we got home, I gave her the ball. She was so happy that she bounced it up and down the stairs, laughing and smiling. When she got tired of the ball, she came to find me. “Here, Brek, you can have it back,” she said. I felt good that I could share with my sister.

    Brek Carper, age 7, with his sister, Alexus
    Spearfish, South Dakota

    Sunday-in-Paris Decision

    I just moved here and started school. I’ve made a lot of friends. The dad of one of my friends works with my dad. He brought home an invitation to my friend’s birthday party. It was to be on a Sunday. I wanted to go, but I knew we didn’t do that kind of thing on Sunday, so I didn’t go. I know I made the right choice, and so does Heavenly Father.

    Millie Struve, age 9
    Paris, France