Christmas Countdown

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“Christmas Countdown,” Friend, Dec. 2000, 24

Christmas Countdown


Christmastime is a time to remember Jesus Christ. To help you celebrate His birth, complete this Christmas picture. Remove the poster from the magazine, mount it on heavy paper, then hang it up. Cut out the puzzle pieces on page 10 and place them in an envelope. Starting December first, remove one piece from the envelope each morning and find the place in the Christmas picture where the piece belongs. Read the scripture and do the activity listed in that place, then glue on the piece. By December 25th, you will have done many things to be like Jesus, and your picture of Christmas will be complete!

Manger scene

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

Scene outline

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

3 Ne. 12:6. Jesus Christ taught that we will be blessed for seeking righteousness. Spend ten minutes reading scriptures or scripture stories.

3 Ne. 12:16. Jesus asked us to be examples to those around us. Set an example of service by helping with the dishes or cleaning or other chores at home.

Matt. 6:3–4. Jesus Christ taught that we should quietly help other people. Write a kind note for someone in your family and hide it for him or her to find.

3 Ne. 12:9. Jesus Christ promised to bless peacemakers. Sing a reverent Primary song to help bring greater peace to your home.

3 Ne. 17:21–24. Jesus Christ blessed little children because He loved them. Show your love for a brother, sister, or friend by sharing a toy or helping them in some way.

3 Ne. 18:6–7. Jesus asked His followers to always remember Him, especially when partaking of the sacrament. Write in your journal how you feel about the Savior.

3 Ne. 18:21. Jesus Christ taught us to pray with our families. Help your family remember to have family prayer today.

3 Ne. 23:1. Jesus Christ commanded the Nephites to study the words of Isaiah. Ask a parent to read Isaiah 53:3–5 with you and talk about the Atonement.

3 Ne. 27:7. Jesus told His disciples to call the Church in His name. Sing “The Church of Jesus Christ” (Children’s Songbook, page 77).

3 Ne. 27:29. Jesus Christ promised that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers. Write in your journal about a time when He answered one of your prayers.

D&C 89:10–11, 18–20. Jesus Christ revealed the Word of Wisdom to help us to be healthy. Today, choose only foods that will make your body strong, and thank Heavenly Father for them.

Matt. 22:34–40. Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbors. Work with your family to do something nice for a neighbor.

3 Ne. 25:5–6. Jesus said that the hearts of children should turn to their parents. Ask your parents or grandparents to tell you about Christmases when they were young.

Mark 10:13–14. Jesus showed that children are very important to Him. In your personal prayer, tell Heavenly Father about your day and the things that made you happy.

D&C 1:37. Jesus counseled Latter-day Saints to study His commandments. Think of one commandment you keep and one blessing that you enjoy.

D&C 19:38–39. Jesus Christ asks us to pray always. Carry a prayer in your heart today, thanking Heavenly Father for your blessings.

John 13:34–35. We show that we want to follow Jesus Christ when we love other people. Show your love to your parents by helping without being asked.

Luke 17:11–19. Jesus Christ praised the leper who returned to thank Him. Write a note or draw a picture to thank someone who has helped you.

D&C 33:11–12. Jesus taught the principles of His gospel. Memorize and recite the fourth Article of Faith.

D&C 21:1, 4–5. Our prophet tells us what Jesus Christ wants us to do. Talk with a parent about President Gordon B. Hinckley’s counsel from the last general conference.

D&C 25:12. With your family or friends, sing Christmas songs about Jesus. (See Hymns, numbers 201–214; Children’s Songbook, pages 34–55.)

D&C 35:26. Jesus Christ wants us to be happy. Make a list of blessings that make you happy and hang the list in your bedroom.

D&C 108:7. Jesus asks us to help each other be strong in the gospel. Share your testimony with someone you love.

D&C 76:22–24. Even though Jesus was born two thousand years ago, He has appeared to prophets of this dispensation. As a family, read and discuss today’s assigned scripture.