February 2000

“Childviews,” Friend, Feb. 2000, 5


Bearing Testimony

My favorite thing to do in Primary is pray. My favorite song is “The Books in the New Testament.” My favorite story in the Book of Mormon is the first chapter of 1 Nephi. I love Jesus very much, and Jesus loves us. If we are good, we can go to live again with Jesus and Heavenly Father. We should obey our parents and Jesus, and we can enter into the heavenly kingdom.

Dhiviya Johnes, age 9
Hyderabad, India

I would like to bear my testimony, and I love Jesus. He makes me feel happy. I love my whole family. I want to go to the temple someday.

Alexandra Jones, age 4
Copley, Ohio

Listening to the Spirit

I would like to share a spiritual experience. I was at someone’s house who had a steep hill. My little sister was at the edge of the hill, playing. I felt impressed that I should go over and watch her so she wouldn’t get hurt. When I got there, she was just about ready to fall down the hill. I felt that because I was there, I saved her from getting hurt. I feel that the Spirit helped me save my little sister.

Jessica Jones, age 7
Copley, Ohio

Once when I was six years old, my sister, Jessica, and I were at the department store at the mall with my mom. We were looking at things, and we didn’t know our mom was leaving. I went to another section close to where my sister was. Then I noticed that my mom and Jessica were gone. I said a prayer, and I felt like I should find Jessica first. I found her, and then we found my mom in the shopping line. I am glad I listened to the Spirit.

Natasha Jones, age 8
Copley, Ohio

Happy to Be Baptized

I wanted to be baptized like Jesus but in a church. I was happy when I was baptized like Jesus. I love Jesus, and I hope you do, too.

Tyrie Thalman, age 8
Mona, Utah

Satisfying Service

My sisters and I cleaned our toy room. We found a lot of toys that we didn’t play with anymore. So our mommy helped us put them all into a big bag, and then we delivered them to a place that would give the toys to children who don’t have any other toys. I know those children were happy to get my toys, and it made me really happy to give the toys to them.

Hannah Butler, age 4
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Christ’s Image by Heinrich Hofmann