Paper Plate Snowman

    “Paper Plate Snowman,” Friend, Jan. 2000, 21

    Paper Plate Snowman

    To make a snowman, you will need: a stapler, glue, a small and a large white paper plate, scissors, black construction paper, a ruler, a small piece of orange paper, a 2″ x 26″ (5 cm x 66 cm) piece of fabric or ribbon, and two small twigs.

    1. Staple or glue the edge of the small paper plate to the edge of the back side of the large paper plate (see illustration).

    2. Have an older person cut from the black paper a hat rim 1 1/2″ x 7″ (4 cm x 18 cm) and a hat crown 3″ x 4″ (8 cm x 10 cm). Glue the two pieces together to make the hat. Staple or glue the hat to the top of the small paper plate (see illustration).

    3. From orange paper, have the older person cut out a triangle nose; and from the black paper, two eyes, six tiny circles for the mouth, and three buttons. Glue in place (see illustration).

    4. Tie the fabric or ribbon around the snowman’s “neck” for a muffler.

    5. Staple or glue a twig on each side of the snowman for arms.

    Photo by Lana Leishman