Gift from the Heart

“Gift from the Heart,” Friend, Dec. 1998, inside back cover

Gift from the Heart

It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

Scott has always been a very generous boy. His heart is very tender and easily touched by someone else’s need or misfortune.

The first week of school after Christmas, the home of a kindergarten classmate named Richard* burned down. He lost everything—his clothes, his toys, his brand-new Christmas presents—everything! Scott’s teacher asked the class if they would like to help Richard by sharing some of their own things with him. I gave Scott permission to give Richard anything of his that he wanted to.

Scott went to his room and gathered up everything he had received for Christmas—toys, pajamas, a coat, clothes. All were gifts that our family had carefully picked out for him. We explained that since Richard was smaller than he was, Scott’s new clothes wouldn’t fit. So, instead, Scott parted with some of his nice, but older clothes that were getting too small. We also encouraged him to limit how many toys to give to Richard since others in his class would be giving Richard things also. Scott went to bed well pleased that Richard would be OK.

Our family was overwhelmed by Scott’s example of generosity that year. He is eleven years old now. Last year he gave some of his clothes to schoolmates who were flooded out of their homes. He really tries to do what is right each day.

  • Name has been changed

Scott C. Page, age 11, Fulton Ward, Paducah Kentucky Stake