Love Pocket

    “Love Pocket,” Friend, June 1998, 18

    Love Pocket

    (For your family bulletin board)

    To make the pocket, you will need: an old shirt with a pocket (ask a parent before using), thumbtacks or push pins (or stick-on magnets, if your refrigerator is your family’s “bulletin board”), scissors, paper, and a pencil.

    1. Cut out the pocket area from an old shirt (see illustration).

    2. Tack the pocket to your family bulletin board (or attach the magnets to the back of the pocket and post on the refrigerator).

    3. Cut several pieces of paper to fit in the pocket, and put them and the pencil into the pocket.

    4. During the week, write or draw love notes to your dad or mom or someone else in your family.

    Photo by Matt Reier