Baby-Moses Action Rhyme

“Baby-Moses Action Rhyme,” Friend, Jan. 1997, 28

Baby-Moses Action Rhyme

And I have a work for thee, Moses (Moses 1:6).

This is Baby Moses.

(Cradle arms as if holding a baby.)

Here’s his basket-boat.

(Cup hands into boatlike shape.)

His mother tucked him deep inside,

(Pull both fists up to cheeks as if pulling up a blanket.)

Then let the basket float.

(Make boat out of hands again, add rocking motion.)

Pharaoh’s daughter found him

(Spread fingers wide near eyes to indicate surprise.)

And raised him as her own;

(Pretend to pick up baby and hold him close.)

Then Moses chose to serve the Lord

(Fold arms as for prayer.)

And earned a heavenly throne.

(Look up and gesture heavenward.)