Funny Faces

    “Funny Faces,” Friend, Oct. 1995, 22

    Funny Faces

    I can see a row of faces,

    And they’re smiling out at me!

    Each one’s head is orange,

    But they’re as different as can be.

    This one’s smile is scary

    With its big, sharp teeth all showing!

    And this one’s saying, “Oh!”

    Can you see its candle glowing?

    This one’s missing several teeth,

    And this one’s smile is thin.

    This one’s small and perfect

    With a funny, catlike grin.

    This one’s mouth is crooked—

    It reminds me of a clown.

    Every smile is different,

    And there’s not a single frown.

    I can see a row of faces,

    And they’re smiling, it is true.

    They’re happy jack-o’-lanterns—

    And this one looks like you!

    Illustrated by Mark Robison