Heber J. Grant

“Heber J. Grant,” Friend, June 1993, 11

Heber J. Grant

Latter-day Prophets (puzzle-coloring page)

Instructions: Cut out the puzzle squares, put them together to create a picture of this prophet, and read some of the highlights of his life. Glue the picture, its title, and the highlights to another piece of paper, and color it.


Art from Presidents of the Church coloring book: courtesy of Grandin Book, Orem, UT

  • 1856 November 22, is born in Salt Lake City

  • 1856 (age 8 days) Father, Jedediah M. Grant, Second Counselor to Brigham Young and first mayor of Salt Lake City, dies

  • 1875 (age 19) Becomes superintendent of the first (ward) YMMIA (Young Men)

  • 1877 (age 21) Marries Lucy Stringham

  • 1880 (age 23) Serves as secretary to the general superintendency of the YMMIA; becomes president of the Tooele Stake

  • 1882 (age 25) Is ordained an Apostle

  • 1897 (age 41) Is appointed business manager of the ImprovementEra, which he helped found

  • 1901–03 (age 45–47) Organizes and presides over the Japanese Mission

  • 1904–06 (age 48–50) Serves as president of the British and European missions

  • 1918 (age 62) Is sustained as President of the Church

  • 1919 (age 63) Dedicates the Hawaii Temple

  • 1923 (age 67) Dedicates the Alberta (Canada) Temple

  • 1927 (age 71) Dedicates the Arizona Temple

  • 1936 (age 80) The Church Security Plan (later the Welfare Program) begins

  • 1945 (age 88) May 14, dies