Little, Just Like Me

    “Little, Just Like Me,” Friend, Apr. 1993, 15

    Little, Just Like Me

    When I was only two or three,

    I thought being little was not for me.

    But now that I am almost four,

    I like being little a little more.

    There’re lots of little things we need,

    Like chocolate chips and popcorn seed,

    And little bees to make me honey

    To put on toast and fill my tummy.

    And there are things that once were small,

    Now getting big and strong and tall.

    Just look at my big brother, Dan,

    Who’s grown to be almost a man.

    And long ago and far away,

    A boy named Jesus used to play

    In the golden sun of Galilee,

    Where He was little, just like me.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki