Holiday Garlands

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“Holiday Garlands,” Friend, Dec. 1992, 37

Holiday Garlands

To make the garlands, you will need: thread, a needle, and any or all of the following: miniature marshmallows, raisins, uncooked macaroni, candy corn, cheese puffs, licorice bits, oyster or fish-shaped crackers, sliced carrots, cranberries, and/or popcorn.

  1. Thread the needle, double the thread, and tie a large, secure knot at the end.

  2. String the items randomly or in repeating patterns (for example: one cranberry, three marshmallows, two cheesepuffs, repeated again and again). Leave enough room at the end to tie another large, secure knot, then remove the needle and tie the knot.

Illustrated by Susan Curtis