Happy and Healthy Dogs and Cats

“Happy and Healthy Dogs and Cats,” Friend, Nov. 1992, 48


Happy and Healthy Dogs and Cats

Have dominion over … every living thing that moveth upon the earth (Moses 2:28).

There’s nothing more appealing than a chubby puppy nuzzling its nose in your neck, or a fuzzy kitten playing with a ball of yarn. Yet, dogs and cats need your help to stay healthy and happy.

Your pet needs to go to a veterinarian, or animal doctor, for shots or when it’s ill or injured, just as people need to go to people doctors.

All dogs and cats need to be brushed, even short-haired dogs, to help them get rid of loose hair. When they’re not brushed, their hair can get matted or knotted, which can cause sores or infection. Use a pet brush on your puppy or kitten about once a week. If you have a small dog or cat, brush it on a paper-covered chair or table—you’ll have more control if your pet is up high.

Feeding your pet a proper diet is very, very important. Most people food, especially chocolate, should not be fed to dogs and cats. Pet food is made for their needs. Give your pet hugs instead of cookies as a treat or reward.

Unless your pet’s veterinarian tells you exactly what to do, you should not let it chew on bones, especially chicken or pork bones. Bones can get stuck in its throat or intestines. Some bones splinter and cut a pet, and big bones can break its teeth.

A playful puppy or kitten usually gets plenty of exercise, but as it gets older, it slows down and can become fat. Taking your dog for a walk is the best exercise for it. Dogs also like to play Frisbee, play ball, play tag, or just run with you.

A cat doesn’t need as much exercise as a dog, but a good workout playing with you helps keep your feline friend both happy and healthy.

When Heavenly Father created the world, He gave Adam dominion over all the animals. This means that we are supposed to take care of animals, especially when we make them a part of our families. It’s easy to keep your pet healthy and happy. The most important thing to give it is love. All dogs and cats love to be loved. If you give your pet the care it needs, and love it, it will return all your love and more.

Illustrated by Elwood H. Smith