Book of Mormon People

    “Book of Mormon People,” Friend, Apr. 1992, 11

    Book of Mormon People

    Do this puzzle with your family during family home evening. Look in the Index to the Book of Mormon for the people you didn’t know, then read about them.



    1. Lehi’s second son

    2. Righteous Nephite king who ruled after King Benjamin

    3. Nephite who told Joseph Smith about the gold plates

    4. Traveler from the Tower of Babel to America

    5. Lamanite prophet who prophesied concerning Christ’s birth

    6. Lamanite king converted to the gospel through Ammon’s faith and love

    7. Prophet who witnessed the destruction of the Jaredites


    1. Just leader who successfully led the Nephites against the Gadianton Robbers

    2. Son of Jacob who prayed all day and into the night

    3. King Noah’s repentant priest

    4. Anti-Christ who demanded a sign and was struck dumb

    5. Man whom an angel told to help Alma preach repentance to the people

    6. Nephi’s oldest brother

    7. Prophet who had a vision of the tree of life

    8. Prophet who asked his father where to hunt