King Benjamin

“King Benjamin,” Friend, Aug. 1990, 18

King Benjamin

King Benjamin

King Benjamin was a righteous Nephite king. With the help of other righteous men, he brought peace to the land. W of M 1:10, 17–18

King Benjamin got old

When King Benjamin became old, he wanted to talk to his people in the land of Zarahemla. He wanted to tell them that his son Mosiah would be the next king. Mosiah 1:9–10

He called all his people together

The families came from all over the land and gathered near the temple. They placed their tents so that the doors faced the temple. Mosiah 2:1, 5–6

He stood on a tower to speak to the people

King Benjamin stood on a tower so that the Nephites could hear him speak. Mosiah 2:7, 9

He said we serve God when we serve others

He told his people that he had worked hard to support himself and to serve them. He said that the way to serve God is by serving one another. Mosiah 2:14, 17

He said to obey God

King Benjamin told them to obey God’s commandments. He said that faithful people will be happy and will someday live with God. Mosiah 2:41

He told the people Jesus would soon be born

King Benjamin told his people that Jesus Christ would soon be born on the earth. His mother’s name would be Mary. Mosiah 3:5, 8

Jesus would work miracles

Jesus would work miracles. He would heal the sick and raise the dead. He would help the blind to see and the deaf to hear. Mosiah 3:6

Jesus would suffer for our sins

King Benjamin said that Jesus would suffer and die for the sins of all people. All those who repent and have faith in Jesus will be forgiven. Mosiah 3:7, 11–12

Wicked men would crucify Jesus

King Benjamin told the Nephites that wicked men would beat Jesus. Then they would crucify him. Mosiah 3:9

After three days Jesus would be resurrected

He said that after three days Jesus would be resurrected. Mosiah 3:10

The people were sorry for their sins

After King Benjamin’s talk, the Nephites fell to the ground. They were sorry for their sins and wanted to repent. Mosiah 4:1

They faith in Jesus

The people had faith in Jesus Christ, and they prayed for forgiveness. Mosiah 4:2

The Holy Ghost filled their hearts

The Holy Ghost filled their hearts. They knew that God had forgiven them and that he loved them. They felt peace and joy. Mosiah 4:3

King Benjamin told to people to believe in God

King Benjamin told the people to believe in God. He wanted them to know that God created all things and that he is wise and powerful. Mosiah 4:4, 9

Be humble and pray

He told the people to be humble and to pray every day. King Benjamin wanted his people to always remember God and to be faithful. Mosiah 4:10–11

Parents shouldn’t let their children fight

King Benjamin told the parents not to let their children fight and quarrel. Mosiah 4:14

Children should obey their parents

He told them to teach their children to be obedient and to love and serve each other. Mosiah 4:15

Keep the commandments

He told the people to watch their thoughts, words, and actions. He said that they should be faithful and keep God’s commandments for the rest of their lives. Mosiah 4:30

The people believed King Benjamin

King Benjamin asked them if they believed his words. They all said that they did and that the Spirit of the Lord had changed them. They no longer wanted to do evil. Mosiah 5:1–4

They promised to keep the commandments

Then they all made a promise, or covenant, to keep God’s commandments. King Benjamin was pleased. Mosiah 5:5

Mosiah the new king

King Benjamin consecrated his son Mosiah to be the new king. Three years later, King Benjamin died. Mosiah 6:3–5

Mosiah was righteous

Mosiah was a righteous king, as was his father. He worked hard and served his people. Mosiah 6:6–7

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson, Robert Barrett, Harry Anderson