Women in the Old Testament

    “Women in the Old Testament,” Friend, Mar. 1990, 23

    Women in the Old Testament

    Match the descriptions to the appropriate names.

    a. Name changed from Sarai (See Gen. 17:15.)

    1. Abigail

    b. Mother of Samuel, dedicated her son to the Lord (See 1 Sam. 1:20, 25–28.)

    2. Eve

    c. Sister of Moses (See Num. 26:59.)

    3. Sarah

    d. Mother of Esau and Jacob (See Gen. 25:20–26.)

    4. Ruth

    e. First woman on earth (See Gen. 3:20.)

    5. Hannah

    f. Convinced David not to kill Nabal, later became David’s wife (See 1 Sam. 25:23–25, 32–33, 39.)

    6. Miriam

    g. Jacob worked fourteen years to marry her (See Gen. 29:20–30.)

    7. Naomi

    h. Ruth’s mother-in-law (See Ruth 1:22.)

    8. Rachel

    i. Faithful and loving Moabite who followed her husband’s family (See Ruth 1:3–16.)

    9. Delilah

    j. Found out Samson’s secrets and betrayed him (See Judg. 16:6, 17–19.)

    10. Rebekah