Going Around in Circles

“Going Around in Circles,” Friend, Sept. 1989, 37

Going Around in Circles

Look for these round items in the sentences below: ring, yoyo, coin, pearl, record, button, pie, moon, hoop, tire.

Example: Never grab a llama by its tail.

  1. I can’t decide which pear looks ripest.

  2. Who found the fox fur in Grandma’s attic?

  3. Tracy dreamed that I rescued her from a giant earthworm.

  4. Why was an Eskimo on the news?

  5. The movie was filmed in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Nagasaki.

  6. I went to the game, but Tonya had to babysit.

  7. Did you put the taco in the freezer?

  8. Who opened Brian’s birthday present?

  9. The Donovans are cordial hosts.

  10. “It’s not polite to slurp,” I explained.