The Beguiling Alligator

“The Beguiling Alligator,” Friend, Apr. 1989, 31

The Beguiling Alligator

“Won’t you come along with me?”

said the alligator fellow

As he waddled from the marshy pond,

looking sleek and mellow.

“We’ll have a merry party—

it will be a jolly ball.

We’ll dance a swinging hula,

and I’ll welcome one and all.

We’ll dine on watermelon

and finish off with cake.

Then, when we feel like swimming,

why, there’s my private lake!

“Come, ye turtles, fowls, all critters.

Come, ye everyone.

Join the merry party.

We’ll have a lot of fun!”

So they hurried to the party,

where he dined them splendidly

With cake and ice-cream sundaes,

all served most festively.

And when they all were filled right up

with hot dogs and more cake,

He very kindly led them

to his own secluded lake.

They tumbled in the water

(the foolish and the fat!),

And the alligator ate them!

And that, my friend, is that!

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney