Doctrine and Covenants Quiz

“Doctrine and Covenants Quiz,” Friend, Feb. 1989, 23

Doctrine and Covenants Quiz

Complete the sentences by filling in each blank with the most correct answer from the list. (See D&C 93:1–49).

  1. Everyone who forsakes his sins, calls on Jesus Christ, and obeys His Commandments shall see Jesus Christ’s ________.

  2. ________ is the true light to every man.

  3. ________ saw and bore record of Jesus Christ’s glory.

  4. In the beginning ________ was with God.

  5. A man’s ________ is eternal.

  6. “The glory of God is ________.”

  7. Parents are commanded to raise their ________ in light and truth.

  8. Joseph Smith was told that it was important for his family as well as all people to ________ always.

  • Children

  • Face

  • Intelligence

  • Jesus Christ

  • John

  • Man

  • Pray

  • Spirit