“Congratulations!” Friend, Dec. 1988, 21


In the January 1988 Friend a poster was included to help you follow President Benson’s counsel to read the Book of Mormon. After you have read the December reading assignment (Book of Moroni), you will have completed the Book of Mormon. Congratulations! Don’t forget to take your reading one step further by following Moroni’s counsel to study, pray, and have faith in Christ to gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.


After you have read the Book of Mormon, sign, date, and cut out award. Place your award on bulletin board, glue it in front of your scriptures, or glue it in your journal.


I Have Read the Book of Mormon

Write your testimony on form provided, then sign, date, and cut out. Your testimony could be included in copy of Book of Mormon and given as gift, glued in your personal scriptures, or added in your journal.

My testimony

My testimony of the Book of Mormon