Same Old Story

“Same Old Story,” Friend, Nov. 1987, 21

Same Old Story

“Please tell me a story,” Jeff said to his granny.

Granny began, “Once upon a time there was a boy.”

“He was a little boy,” Jeff said.

Granny began again. “Once upon a time there was a bad little boy.”

“No, Granny. That isn’t the way the story goes,” Jeff said. “He was a good little boy.”

Once more Granny started the story. “Once upon a time there was a good little boy.”

Jeff nodded his head up and down. “That’s the right story.”

“This good little boy was going to town.”

Jeff shook his head. “No, no, Granny. Don’t you remember? That very good little boy was going to his granny’s house.”

Granny smiled at Jeff. “That’s the same old story. Wouldn’t you like to hear a new one?”

“I like the old story,” Jeff insisted.

So Granny told it. “Once upon a time there was a very good little boy. His daddy took him in the car to see his granny. When they got to Granny’s house. Daddy stopped the car in the driveway. He smoothed Jeff’s hair and tucked Jeff’s shirttail in. ‘Be a good boy,’ Daddy said.

“Jeff climbed out of the car and waved good-bye to Daddy. Then Jeff rang Granny’s doorbell.

“When Granny opened the door, she pretended that she didn’t know him. ‘Good morning,’ Granny said. ‘Are you selling something? I don’t think I need anything today.’

“Jeff began to giggle. ‘Don’t you need a good little boy?’

“Granny made her face look surprised. ‘How did you know? That’s the only thing that I need.’

“Jeff laughed out loud. ‘I’m just what you need!’ he said.”

Granny stopped telling the story and hugged Jeff. “It’s the same old story,” she said.

“That’s why I like it,” Jeff told her. “Could we have a glass of milk and a cookie for that very good little boy? That comes next in that same old story.”

Illustrated by Julie F. Young