Animal Fare

    “Animal Fare,” Friend, Sept. 1986, 23

    Animal Fare

    One word is missing from each of the following African proverbs. Can you fill in the words from the list given here?

    1. By trying often, the ________ learns to jump from the tree.

    a. Egg

    2. The frog, wanting to be as big as the ________, burst.

    b. Monkey

    3. If one is not in a hurry, even an ________ will start walking.

    c. Camel

    4. One ________ does not make fun of another one’s hump.

    d. Elephant

    5. The ________ flies high but always returns to earth.

    e. Head

    6. Horns do not grow before the ________.

    f. Bird

    7. A ________’s losing a leg does not prevent it from walking.

    g. Hippopotamus

    8. A ________ has four legs, yet it often falls.

    h. Ant

    9. Even an ________ may harm an elephant.

    i. Centipede

    10. Darkness conceals the ________.

    j. Horse