Bear Facts
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“Bear Facts,” Friend, Oct. 1985, 26

Bear Facts

Match each bear clue with the appropriate bear name.

1. Asks us to help prevent forest fires

a. The Three Bears

2. Jungle Book bear

b. Great Bear or Big Dipper

3. Ursa Major (constellation)

c. Mishka

4. Named after Theodore Roosevelt

d. Corduroy

5. Olympic mascot, 1980

e. Paddington

6. Goldilocks tried their porridge

f. Winnie the Pooh

7. Missing a button on his overalls

g. Cinnamon bear

8. Friend of Christopher Robin

h. Baloo

9. Sweet treat

i. Teddy bear

10. Wears a duffle coat and loves marmalade

j. Smokey the Bear


  • (1) j, (2) h, (3) b, (4) i, (5) c, (6) a, (7) d, (8) f, (9) g, (10) e.