The Boring Life of a Clam
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“The Boring Life of a Clam,” Friend, Aug.–Sept. 1983, 24–25

The Boring Life of a Clam

A clam who took a little nap

Was swallowed by a turtle. SNAP!

The turtle found a cave and hid,

But he was swallowed by a squid.

The squid shot forward with a swish,

But he was swallowed by a fish.

The fish swam deep where things are dark,

But he was swallowed by a shark.

The shark was steering with his tail

And steered himself inside a whale.

The whale said, “Phew! That shark is tough!

I’ll spit him out. I’ve had enough!”

The shark said, “Ick! That fish is stale!”

Out he was spewed—head over tail.

The fish said, “Yow! That squid is trouble!”

And blew him out inside a bubble.

The squid said, “Wow! I don’t feel well!”

Out came the turtle with his shell.

“Boy!” said turtle. “Am I sick! I have to spit this clam out quick!”

The clam awoke and stopped his snoring.

“My life,” said he, “is just too boring.”

Illustrated by Dick Brown