Country Quiz

    “Country Quiz,” Friend, Aug.–Sept. 1983, 23

    Country Quiz

    If nations could speak and some said the following about themselves, could you identify the countries?

    1. I have the world’s largest land area.

    2. I have the world’s largest population.

    3. Despite my name, I am the smallest indepedent state in the world.

    4. I occupy an entire continent.

    5. I am crossed by the equator and take my name from it.

    6. A famous canal cuts across me from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

    7. I am the largest country in South America.

    8. My name is also the name of a fowl.


    • (1) Soviet Union (Russia), (2) China, (3) Vatican City (within Rome, Italy), (4) Australia, (5) Equador, (6) Panama, (7) Brazil, (8) Turkey.