The Five Days of the Chinese New Year

    “The Five Days of the Chinese New Year,” Friend, Jan. 1983, 24

    The Five Days of the Chinese New Year


    The first day everyone wears new clothes. No cooking is done during the five days, so all food is prepared beforehand. Children find red packets containing money under their pillows to spend during the holidays.


    On the second day a branch from a cyprus or pine tree is decorated with coins and other ornaments. It is called a “money tree” and is a symbol of prosperity for the new year. Visits are made to friends and family.


    The third day people watch a parade with musicians and dancers and paper dragons and paper lions weaving through the streets. Lots of firecrackers are heard throughout the day.


    Families open their doors and welcome both friends and strangers into their homes. The visitors eat special foods that were prepared for the New Year celebrations.


    This is the last major day of the celebrations. Families often visit friends and relatives who live far away. Stores that have closed for the holidays open again.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney