Sharing Time: Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks

    “Sharing Time: Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks,” Friend, Nov. 1982, 38–39

    Sharing Time:

    Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks

    Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things. (D&C 59:7.)

    This world of ours is wonderful;

    The Lord hath made it so.

    The earth and sky bless everyone

    Today and long ago.

    I cannot be a Pilgrim child

    And sail across the ocean wild,

    But I can show my gratitude—

    I can worship as I should.

    On Sundays Pilgrims wore tall black hats and black or gray clothes with white collars. On other days, children wore brightly colored clothes like these.

    Children today do not dress the same as Pilgrim children did, but they do have the same blessings. All children, no matter where or when they live, can be grateful for the beauties of the earth and the sky.


    1. Color the pictures. While you are coloring, memorize the scripture and think of all the blessings Heavenly Father has given you.

    2. Cut out the boy and girl, Pilgrim clothes, and beauties of the world.

    3. Dress the figures in Pilgrim clothes and read the poems.

    4. Your finished picture could be put on a bulletin board or used to give a lesson in family home evening.

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Enlarge each item onto posterboard, or prepare for a flannelboard presentation. Display picture of each Pilgrim child as you explain that thanksgiving means giving thanks. Let the children name the beauties of the earth and the sky and attach the pictures.

    2. Add and describe the Pilgrim clothing. Emphasize that all children everywhere in every age have been blessed by their Heavenly Father.

    3. A copy of these pages could be made for each child to color and cut out. The children might hum songs of gratitude as they work (“For the Beauty of the Earth,” Sing With Me, B-38, etc.).

    Illustrated by Beverly Glazier