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“Scripture Search,” Friend, June 1982, 38

Scripture Search

In the early 1970s, the General Authorities called qualified people to review the scriptures and find ways to help people understand them better. A letter addressed to those selected to help in this work was written by Elder Spencer W. Kimball, then Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve. In that letter was the assignment “to prepare a King James Bible which would include a standardized concordance, dictionary, atlas, and index and … have footnotes, ready references, and cross-references related to other LDS scriptures. … Its purpose is to assist in improving doctrinal scholarship throughout the Church” from Primary children to adults.

It was expected that the work on the Bible would take a year or two. Instead it took nearly seven years and was completed in 1979. It took another two years to complete similar work on the other scriptures of the Church.

Here is a crossword puzzle to help you understand and use the LDS edition of the King James Bible. The answers are found in either Exodus, chapter 11, [Ex. 11] or in the footnotes. To use footnotes, read a scripture until you see a small letter in a raised position right before a word. Now look at the bottom of the column, below the line. Find the chapter number there in bold print, then the verse number in lighter print, and finally the letter that was before the word. The footnote will give you information such as a substitute word, a change made by Joseph Smith, or a reference to either the Topical Guide or another scripture.

Crossword puzzle


  • JST—Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

  • Ne—Nephi

  • TG—Topical Guide, a reference at the back of the new edition of the Bible about the same subject

  • HEB—Another translation from the Hebrew word

  • GR—Another translation from the Greek word

  • OR—A more modern word that means the same thing


  1. Referring to Exodus 11:5, what word would you look for in the Topical Guide to find other scriptures about the firstborn dying? [Ex. 11:5]

  2. When would the firstborn die (Ex. 11:4, 5)?

  3. Another word for borrow as used in verse 2. [Ex. 11:2]

  4. According to the Joseph Smith Translation, who hardened Pharaoh’s heart (Ex. 11:10)?

  5. “The Lord said unto Moses, Pharaoh shall not _____ unto you” (Ex. 11:9).

  6. Pharoah would not let the children of Israel go because his heart was _____ (Ex. 11:10).

  7. “But against any of the children of _____ shall not a dog move …” (Ex. 11:7).


  1. The children of Israel gained favor in the sight of the _____ (Ex. 11:3).

  2. More about the difference between the Egyptians and Israel can be found in the First Book of _____ in the Book of Mormon (Ex. 11:7).

  3. Who will die (Ex. 11:5)?

  4. Moses was filled with _____ when he left Pharaoh (Ex. 11:8).

  5. What does HEB stand for?

  6. Another word for jewels (Ex. 11:2).

  7. Book of the Old Testament where this story is found.