Dad Is Special
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“Dad Is Special,” Friend, June 1981, inside front cover

Dad Is Special

Fishing with Dad

My dad is nice. He takes me fishing. He taught me how to put the worm on the hook. He taught me how to cast the line. And he takes me to hobby stores on Saturday.

Kirk F. Sorensen, age 6
Farmington, Utah

My Dad

I am a special person because my dad taught me how to skate. My dad taught me how to skate on our driveway. It is so fun to skate. Now I know how to skate.

Pamela Harvey, age 7
Laie, Hawaii


On Father’s Day I try to show my father how much I love him, but sometimes I’m not very good at it. But I still love him very much!

Linda Lesùe, age 9
Sarcoxie, Missouri