Planetary Rocket Board

    “Planetary Rocket Board,” Friend, Mar. 1981, 8

    Planetary Rocket Board

    To make rocket board, tie one end of 14″ string to pin and secure pin in center of 2′ x 2′ cardboard. Tie other end to pencil so that string is about 10″ long when stretched tightly. Using string as radius, draw circle around center pin. Shorten string 1″, draw second circle, and continue until you have drawn 10 circles. Circle in center represents the sun, and the others, orbits of the planets. Draw planets as illustrated.

    To make rocket, draw or paint 4″ rocket on lightweight cardboard (see illustration). Tape one or two pennies to back as weights. Rocket could also be made by sewing beans into two rocket-shaped pieces of material. Decorate with felt trim or permanent markers.

    To play planetary rocket, each player takes his turn tossing rocket onto rocket board. Keep tally sheet of orbit hit by each player. Keep throwing rocket, in turn, until one player has hit all nine orbits. Score a hit for the orbit on which nose cone of rocket is resting.