“Summertime,” Friend, Aug.–Sept. 1979, 33


Crossword puzzle


  1. Tiny biting insect.

  2. Expression of delight or disgust spelled backward.

  3. Source of light and warmth.

  4. Preposition.

  5. An object found on an ocean beach.

  6. The same as myself.

  7. Abbreviation for Virginia.

  8. Tiny particles of rock.

  9. Tastes great on tamales.

  10. Opposite of false.

  11. Skill acquired by experience and study.

  12. Shortened form for advertisement.

  13. H2O means the same as _____.

  14. To leave.

  15. Ninth letter of the alphabet.

  16. Plural pronoun.

  17. Expert swimmer employed to safeguard other swimmers.

  18. The four middle letters in violet.

  19. Second and third letters of kind of snake.

  20. Used to propel a rowboat.

  21. Frankfurters are the meat part of _____.

  22. Phonetic spelling of kind of footwear.


  1. Yellow condiment put on hot dogs.

  2. The first cardinal number.

  3. Suntan _____ protects the skin.

  4. Favorite sandwich.

  5. Past tense of eat.

  6. Abbreviation for south.

  7. Shortened word for evening.

  8. Opposite of earlier.

  9. A fish shaped like a heavenly body.

  10. Second and third letters of large African antelope.

  11. Droplets of water.

  12. Container for first-aid supplies.

  13. A short laugh.

  14. First three letters of type of food poisoning.

  15. Organ of sight.

  16. Seen on top of the ocean.

  17. To be first is to _____.

  18. Green four-legged creature found near ponds.

  19. Quack is the sound a _____ makes.

  20. A considerable quantity.

  21. Word that can be an adverb, conjunction, preposition, or pronoun.