Spaceman Bank
January 1978

“Spaceman Bank,” Friend, Jan. 1978, inside front cover

Spaceman Bank

You will need: large empty gelatin dessert box, 4 toothpaste cartons, paint, glue, X-acto knife, ruler, scissors, 4″ x 5″ clear plastic sheet, pipe cleaner, 2 small thread spools, 4 large thread spools, 2 wooden beads, and 2 pennies.

Glue opened flap of gelatin box shut. Then leaving 1/8″ margin for gluing see-through front (later), cut out back of box (see illustration). Paint outside of box. For separate coin sections, cut toothpaste cartons to 3 3/8″ high. Cut out one long side of each carton and paint it inside. By gluing the bottoms and sides together, glue toothpaste cartons inside gelatin box so that front edges are flush with front edge of bank

On top of bank and 1/2″ in from front edge, cut coin slots 1/8″ wide and the width of each coin with X-acto knife.

Cut a 2″ circle from a folded piece of clear plastic with a 3/8″ tab at bottom and 1/4″ uncut at top on folded edge. Crease tabs backward so it can be glued behind money slot. Cut a 4 1/2″ piece of pipe cleaner for antennae, slip under 1/4″ fold of head (see illustration), bend up at the fold to hold, and glue wooden beads on tips.

Paint two small spools for arms and four larger spools for legs. (Two large spools glued together make one leg.) Glue on see-through front.

Illustrated by Julie F. Young