The Holy Ghost Crossword Puzzle

    “The Holy Ghost Crossword Puzzle,” Friend, Aug. 1977, 37

    The Holy Ghost Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle


    1. Heavenly Father has given us the _____ of the Holy Ghost to help us make decisions.

    4. Having the Holy Ghost will make us _____ spiritually.

    8. We talk about having the Gift _____ the Holy Ghost.

    9. A sound repeated.

    10. To establish the truth of something.

    11. In or at this place.

    12. Abbreviation for southeast.

    13. A mother holds a baby on her _____.

    14. Mountain system in Europe.

    16. Inside.

    18. To search.

    19. Second tone on musical scale.

    20. The Lord gave Moses _____ commandments.

    21. Small child.

    22. Sometimes the Holy Ghost is called the Spirit of _____.

    25. A sure knowledge of the gospel received thought revelation from the Holy Ghost is called a _____.


    1. The Holy Ghost is the third member of the _____.

    2. We can have the companionship of the Holy Ghost _____ we live worthily.

    3. Past tense of tear.

    4. The Holy Ghost is sometimes called the ______.

    5. Frozen water.

    6. Abbreviation for chapter.

    7. Special place where a family lives.

    10. Revelations from the Holy Ghost for the whole Church are given to our _____.

    12. The Holy Ghost is a _____.

    15. The _____ rises every morning.

    17. Abbreviation of northeast.

    20. Preposition indicating movement.

    21. You _____ when making a certain kind of lace.

    23. Eaten by animals.

    24. A player in a game.