Missionary Calendar

    “Missionary Calendar,” Friend, Feb. 1977, 21–22

    Missionary Calendar

    By following the directions each day during the month of February, you will become a better missionary.

    1 Say your prayers morning and evening today and every day this month.

    2 Smile at everyone you see today.

    3 Say hello to three people at school you’ve never spoken to before

    4 Stand in front of the mirror each day and say out loud, “I am a child of God.”

    5 Invite a nonmember friend to go home with you after school.

    6 Give a sincere compliment to at least one person today.

    7 Invite a nonmember friend to attend Primary or Sunday School with you.

    8 Offer to do a service without pay for a nonmember neighbor.

    9 Memorize at least one scripture every week during the month.

    10 Take fruit or cookies to someone who is ill or lonely.

    11 Begin to read a Church book for children.

    12 Write to a missionary and ask how you can be a missionary too.

    13 Memorize a hymn from the Church hymnbook.

    14 Start or contribute to your missionary fund.

    15 Think about what the blessing on your food really means.

    16 Teach a young child one Article of Faith.

    17 Pray tonight and every night for someone you know who needs special help.

    18 Memorize at least five of the ten commandments this week.

    19 Learn why people want to be married in the temple.

    20 Try to think only about Jesus while the sacrament is passed.

    21 Learn three things about genealogy.

    22 Suggest that a nonmember family be invited to your next family home evening.

    23 Give a Book of Mormon with your testimony written on the inside of the cover to a nonmember friend.

    24 Find out why Paul of Tarsus was such a good missionary.

    25 Hang a picture in your room of someone you want to be like.

    26 Find out three important things about President Kimball.

    27 Think reverent thoughts during all Church meetings today.

    28 Tell someone the Joseph Smith story.