What Laws Mean
May 1976

“What Laws Mean,” Friend, May 1976, 5

What Laws Mean

Complete the following twelve statements by deciding on the correct answers from the lettered possibilities below.

1. A commandment and law for good health is the ___.

a. “law” of gravity

2. Cain disobeyed the law that reads ___.

b. no other gods

3. If you walk against a red light you have broken a ___.

c. Word of Wisdom

4. To not steal means to keep one of the ___.

d. laws of the land

5. A ball thrown into the air falls to the ground because of the ___.

e. gift of repentance

6. Paying taxes is an act of obedience to a ___.

f. Ten Commandments

7. “Thou shalt have ___ before me.”

g. “Thou shalt not kill”

8. The fact that a feather weighs less than steel is a ___.

h. ninth commandment

9. Latter-day Saints are commanded to obey the ___ in which they live.

i. traffic law

10. People who continually break the laws and refuse to change their behavior are called habitual criminals or ___.

j. incorrigibles

11. A privilege and blessing for anyone who disobeys our Heavenly Father’s laws is the ___.

k. natural law

12. The ___ warns us to not tell falsehoods.

l. man-made law


  • (1) c, (2) g, (3) i, (4) f, (5) a, (6) l, (7) b, (8) k, (9) d, (10) j, (11) e, (12) h.