Living Basket

    “Living Basket,” Friend, Sept. 1975, 27

    Living Basket

    It’s fun and easy to make a decorative hanging basket of greenery out of a carrot.

    Just cut 2″ long section from top of a large unscraped carrot, and break off any leaves growing out of its top.

    Turn carrot upside down and scoop out the middle with a potato peeler to hold water for carrot.

    Thread a heavy sewing needle with strong thread, double it, tie a big knot at the end. Push the needle through side of carrot 1/2″ down from lip of hole. Attach two other threads equal distances apart. Draw threads together and knot them at top.

    Keep carrot “bowl” filled with water and hang it in a sunny window. In a short time, leaves will begin to grow from bottom of carrot. After leaves have been growing awhile, they will curl upward toward cut part of carrot. This will make a lovely plant to hang in a sunny window.