It’s Your Decision

“It’s Your Decision,” Friend, Aug. 1975, 47

It’s Your Decision

1. While taking a math test at school, Mark’s teacher called him up to her desk for a moment to speak with him. When he was returning to his seat, Mark happened to notice an answer to a test problem on Frank’s paper. Would it be right for Mark to copy Frank’s answer on his own paper?

2. Richard and Robert stayed home while their parents went out one evening, and they were told to be in bed at nine o’clock. But they were having so much fun playing a game that they didn’t go to bed until ten o’clock. The next morning Father said, “I’m glad we can trust you boys and that you went to bed at nine o’clock last night.” Is there any reason for the boys to say anything?

3. Bill is playing a game of croquet with his friends. He accidentally knocks the ball with his foot into a better position for his next shot. No one notices that the ball has been moved. Would it be fair for Bill to say nothing about his misstep?

4. Sarah answered the telephone after supper, and a man left a message for her father about a time change in a meeting he was to attend the next morning. Later that evening Sarah went to a friend’s house to play without giving her father the important message. When Father came home from the office the next evening, he told Mother at dinner how upset he was that no one had notified him that the time for the meeting had been changed. Should Sarah tell her father that she had forgotten to give him the telephone message?

5. Sam went to the store to buy a candy bar. After he had chosen the one he wanted, Sam reached into his jacket pocket for fifteen cents but the money wasn’t there. He left the store wondering what had happened to his money. When he got home a candy bar fell out of his jacket pocket as he hung it up. He had been so concerned about losing his money that he had unintentionally put the candy bar into his pocket. Should Sam return the candy bar to the store and explain what he had done, even if it embarrasses him?

6. Stephanie finds some money on the playground at school. She has no idea who it belongs to and nobody sees her pick it up. Is it important to tell her teacher so that the person who lost the money can claim it?

7. There’s a plate of cookies sitting on the table and they really look tasty. George takes several and gives a piece of one to his dog. When Mother goes to take the cookies to her friend she notices that some are missing. She also notices crumbs on the floor by the dog. Mother gets angry and scolds the dog. Should George admit that he was the one who took the cookies without asking?

If you have honestly answered “yes” to all but questions 1 and 3 you are an TNSHEO (unscramble letters) person!

Illustrated by Charles Quilter