Understanding the Holy Ghost
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“Understanding the Holy Ghost,” Friend, Nov. 1974, 34

Understanding the Holy Ghost

Fill in the blanks to learn how important the Holy Ghost can be in your life.

1. T__e __oly G__ost is t__e t__ird member of t__e God__ead.

2. We receive the H__ly Gh__st by the laying __n __f hands. This __rdinance is kn__wn as a c__nfirmati__n.

3. On__y men who ho__d the Me__chizedek Priesthood can bestow the __ord’s gift of the Ho__y Ghost on someone e__se.

4. If __ou will tr__ to listen, __ou will receive answers to __our pra__ers from __our Heavenl__ Father.

5. __oing into the waters of baptism and bein__ baptized and then receivin__ the __ift of the Holy __host is a __lorious blessing.

6. Always live wort__ily and listen closely so you can __ear t__e still, small voice of t__e __oly G__ost inside you.

7. The H__ly Gh__st will help y__u t__ build a str__ng testim__ny.

8. The Holy Gho__t doe__ not have a body of fle__h and bone__, but i__ a __pirit that we cannot __ee.

9. __he Holy Ghos__ is a good friend and will always __ell __he __ru__h.

Holy Ghost Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle


1. The Holy Ghost is a _____ from our Heavenly Father.

2. The Holy Ghost is the third member of the _____.

3. The gift of the Holy Ghost must be given by men who hold the _____ Priesthood.

4. The Holy Ghost gives revelations to our _____ for the whole Church.

5. Because the Holy Ghost does not have a body of flesh and bones and we cannot see Him, He is a _____.


1. When you do _____ things, the spirit of the Holy Ghost will make you feel warm inside.

4. The Holy Ghost will help you receive answers to your _____.

6. After being baptised, men lay their hands upon your head and _____ you a member of the Church and say, “Receive the Holy Ghost.”

7. This helper can guide those who are baptized and live worthily (two words).

8. When you are worthy the Holy Ghost can _____ quietly to your conscience.

9. If you pray and live the commandments of our Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost will help you develop a strong _____ of the gospel.

10. To be worthy of having the Holy Ghost for a companion, what must you do about your sins?