A Lucky Four-Year-Old

“A Lucky Four-Year-Old,” Friend, Sept. 1974, 28

A Lucky Four-Year-Old

I’m four years old! It’s my birthday, and I’m four years old!” said Jennifer, hopping four times around the kitchen.

“Happy birthday, four-year-old,” said Mother, smiling as she put four plates on the table.

“It takes all my fingers on one hand to count to four,” said Jennifer.

“That’s right, birthday girl,” said Daddy, laughing as he came into the kitchen to eat breakfast. “There are a lot of things that are four.”

On the table Jennifer saw four plates, four spoons, four forks, and four knives. There were also four napkins and four glasses.

“Happy birthday!” Stevie called as he came to eat breakfast. Now there were four people in the room. When Stevie smiled, Jennifer saw he had four teeth missing in front.

After breakfast, Jennifer skipped into the family room to feed her goldfish. “One, two, three, four fish,” Jennifer counted. “I’m four years old today!” Jennifer told the fish.

“Let’s go look for a lucky four-leaf clover, Jenny, before Daddy mows the lawn,” said Stevie. “But you better wear your sweater because it’s cold outside.”

Big brothers are fun and nice, Jennifer thought as she buttoned up her sweater—one, two, three, four buttons.

They looked in the clover patch near the flower bed for a four-leaf clover. But all they could find were clovers with three leaves. However, Jennifer did count four pretty finches eating at the bird feeder.

Later, she saw a white cat with four black feet creeping up on a mouse.

David who lived next door was pulling his red wagon with its four squeaky wheels. The milkman came to the door after breakfast and brought four bottles of milk. His milk truck had four wheels too.

Jennifer and Stevie finally gave up looking for four-leaf clovers and went back into the house.

“Surprise!” called four of Jennifer’s friends who had come to help celebrate her birthday.

After the children played games and ate ice cream, Mother brought in a birthday cake with candles flickering on it. The children sang “Happy Birthday to You” and then Jennifer blew out all the candles.

Can you guess how many candles were on Jennifer’s birthday cake?

Illustrated by Fae Call